It's Stress Awareness Month

It's Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month has been running every April since 1992. During this period, the world's global stress frenzy is publicised and prioritised more than ever, and rightly so. Health care professionals and organisations say that public awareness of stress is hugely important, and we feel exactly the same.

Often defined as a failure in finding the right balance between life's everyday challenges and our ability to cope with these challenges, stress is a soul-destroying and tiring battle within.

In line with Stress Awareness Month and our ongoing duty and responsibility to improve the well-being of everyone we come across, here are some simple yet effective things to relieve stress that you can think about when going about your day:

  • Prepare The Night Before - even if you're not the sort of person that writes lists and sticks to them, even planning tomorrow in your head can make a huge difference. Give yourself the extra confidence you need!
  • Wake Up Ten Minutes Early - giving yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and mentally prepare for the day is key. Then crack on with the day all calm and collected!
  • Drink Water Regularly - not drinking enough water throughout the day leaves us dehydrated, tired and not switched on. Make sure you're drinking enough!
  • Do Something Fun - whether it's having a silly phone call with your best friend or taking a walk in the park, it's nice to take time off from the slog. Enjoy the ride!
  • Back Yourself - affirmations are something we all do but only a limited number of people live by them on purpose. Tell yourself everything is going to be OK, and it will be!
  • Switch Off At Night - put the phone down before bed and spend some time with your partner or family. Gratitude is a powerful gift!

We hope these few brief pointers help and you can implement them into your mindset and manage any stress you're experiencing. You've got this!

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