Behind The Brand

Mindful Matter was founded by Sean Bryant & Alex Baker in early 2018. Two young, energetic entrepreneurs on a mission to create real change in people’s lives through a balance of dedicated products and trustworthy information. Mindful Matter was created with the goal to nurture the human mind, body and spirit. In doing so we give you that little helping hand to tackle life’s everyday challenges head on. We have thousands of customers spanning more than 40 countries and 5 continents that make up the growing Mindful Movement, fighting for better mental health.


Meet The Founders


Sean started his first venture at the age of 19 after leaving school and studying entrepreneurship at college. He then went on to work in various industries to understand the key areas of business and enterprise in more detail, whilst pursuing his own ideas on the side.  

Sean takes a very deep and personal interest in mental health and well-being, understanding the importance of self development.

He manages all of the operations plus oversees the direction for the company, and his ongoing drive and positivity sets him apart from others. Outside of work he loves to travel, is a big football man and enjoys spending time with family and friends.



Originally working and studying in design engineering, Alex quickly learned the importance of imagination and innovation. This experience is key in managing the technical and creative operations of Mindful Matter.

Alex’s personal mantra is “when given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”

This epitomises Alex’s passion for humanity and the fire which drives his mission to improve the wellbeing of as many people he can reach in his lifetime. Always planning the next adventure, his affection for culture, food and moments that leave you breathless means he’s never in one place for very long.