Staying safe while drinking Christmas + #AskTwice campaign

Staying safe while drinking Christmas + #AskTwice campaign

Christmas is fast approaching, office parties and drinks with loved ones are in full swing. 

The markets full of mulled wine and beer are set up, so it’s no surprise that our alcohol consumption skyrockets!

Studies have shown that we a least double our alcohol intake over the holidays and this can make it one of the most dangerous this time of year.  With drink driving doubling, your calorie intake hits the roof and it's all around a more stressful month. So here are some tips to help you enjoy the holidays but stay staff and in control: 

  • Make every other drink a soft one. This will not only keep you hydrated but it will keep your bank account happy too!
  • Know your limit. It’s far too easy to get carried whilst in the holiday spirit, however, when you have a 7am wake up the next day it’s probably best to stick to 2 drinks instead of 5. 
  • Never feel pressured to have a drink. Just because you have been offered another baileys before you head home, doesn’t mean you are obliged to take it.  
  • Designate and driver, or grab an Uber home. Drink driving is one of the highest causes of road accidents around Christmas, so be safe and sensible and make it clear that this not an option. 
  • Remember that alcohol is a compliment, not a requirement. Drinking is always an option and optional, it is as much as a choice as it is a responsibility. Keep this in mind throughout the night. If you find yourself going overboard, find a friend or loved one and explain you’d like to go home! 

#AskTwice: Encouraging Men to Open Up About Their Mental Health

According to a survey of men in the UK, only a quarter of men would openly tell their male friends if they were struggling with their mental health, with the majority preferring to make up an excuse, or give another reason. 

Despite over half of men considering themselves to be good communicators, mental health is still a difficult topic to discuss with just under half not wanting to seem a burden to their friends. The study of 3,000 men in Britain, commissioned by Time to Change, highlights the barriers men still face when speaking openly about mental health.

To tackle this, Time to Change is urging people to ‘Ask Twice’ if they suspect a friend, family member, or colleague might be struggling with their mental health.

The campaign acknowledges that when we ask how our friends are doing, the usual response is “Fine thanks.” The simple act of asking again – “Are you sure you’re OK?”  – shows a genuine willingness to talk and listen. 

For the full story click here.

This weeks' Mindful Moment...

For 42 Christmas seasons, a man named Mike Howard would dress up as Santa Claus and spend the holiday delivering thousands of gifts to some of the poorest families in Kentucky.

After Howard lost his battle against cancer and passed away last year, his son decided to honour his father’s legacy by taking over the persona of ‘Mountain Santa’ — and continuing the holiday tradition in their beloved Harlan County.

Jordan has been wrapping and decorating Christmas gifts in his workshop near (the aptly-named) Santa Lane since October. With his ongoing fundraising efforts, he believes he will have about 4,000 presents to dole out over the holidays.

Christmas is truly a magical time of year.