Magnesium & Mums...

Magnesium Glycinate Benefits

Let’s be honest, Mums are superhuman. They live their own lives and have their own goals, yet still manage to successfully focus and practically drag the rest of the family through the everyday muck. However, regardless of the powers that be, every superhero needs a helping hand to support their everyday heroics. Quite often Mums are searching for the best supplements for energy or the right supplements for tiredness. When doing so, the path almost always leads to Magnesium Glycinate.


So What Is Magnesium Glycinate & How Can It Benefit You?

It’s been labelled ‘Nature’s Chill Pill’ and Magnesium Glycinate offers a wide range of energy-enhancing benefits. If you’re unfamiliar with Magnesium in general, it is the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies and plays a critical role in the health of your body and brain. 




Glycinate, a form of Magnesium, is the most bioavailable type which essentially means it is absorbed into the bloodstream the easiest and can begin playing many vital roles that contribute to our wellbeing. The most powerful relaxation mineral available, it helps your fight stress and can help improve your sleep. Studies how Magnesium Glycinate contributes to lowering blood pressure.