Meet Our First Brand Ambassador

April '19 - We are excited to announce our first official brand ambassador, Richie Edwards, aka - New York Shogun. Richie is a professional MMA fighter who grew up in the Lower East Side, New York City. Ever since he was a young boy he has been fully engaged in the sporting world, experiencing personally the positive impact that this specific lifestyle has to offer. His biggest passion in life has always been inside the cage but being in such an ultra-competitive environment can cause surprising emotional issues and sensitivities that sit alongside displays of brute force.


Being a fighter comes with a certain reputation, one of strength and confidence which can often prevent you from talking about your mental health. Richie is combating these stereotypes head-on and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. Family is everything to Richie, and family doesn't stop at blood.  We are extremely proud to have him on our team and we will be standing side-by-side through whatever fights he faces in the future, both inside the ring and out.
Richie's go-to products are our Magnesium Blend for muscle recovery & CBD Capsules for pain relief and to fight stress and anxiety.
"Victory is reserved for this lose willing to pay the price." – Sun Szu