For all of us here in the Mindful Matter team, this is more than just a business, it’s an opportunity to change the world for the better. We created Mindful Matter with a clear vision, to build a supplement & well-being movement with the goal to nurture the human mind, body & spirit. In doing so, giving people that little helping hand to tackle life's everyday challenges head-on.

We’re so proud to say that in little over a year, our supplements have improved the lives of thousands of people in over 35 countries across the globe. We hope you share the same values and look forward to you spreading the word about mood enhancing health supplements.

To help with your content and marketing we would like to give you some product photos, infographics and sample articles. These should guide you in the right direction and give you a little head start with your marketing. Access them via Dropbox.

If you are new to the world of health supplements/ nootropics, follow this link to understand how they work and why they are so important to your wellbeing.  You can also learn all you need to know about CBD here.

Great, so now you are an expert in natural health supplements! 

Now, we want to make sure you fully understand how the relationship between yourself and Mindful Matter works and the steps that are taken on your way to earning commission with us. 


 Simple, right? 

So there you have it, you've completed bootcamp and you're ready to join the frontline and play your part in fighting the ever growing battle for better mental wellbeing. Thanks again for joining the team and welcome aboard!