Lockdown Series: Coping with Loneliness in Self-Isolation

Lockdown Series: Coping with Loneliness in Self-Isolation

Are you suffering from loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Whether you're isolating alone, have caught the infection or in a high-risk category, we all get lonely sometimes. The last thing we want is for your anxiety to increase with the virus going around, so here are a few ideas to help you cope: 


Connect With Others

Perhaps the most important way to combat loneliness in self-isolation is by connecting with other people.

However, instead of sending a text or jumping on facetime, why not send a postcard or letter? You’ll have fun writing it and you'll brighten someone’s day.

Do Something Meaningful

losing your sense of purpose can be a huge factor in feeling lonely. All of us want to feel like we are doing something meaningful and that can be difficult whilst on furlough or at home.

Only YOU know what will give you meaning but, if your struggling for ideas why not volunteer through the United Nations or start an online course?

Get Online

The internet, when used correctly, can make you feel less lonely. there are so many amazing apps and communities available to help combat loneliness.

Why not Zoom or FaceTime friends and family, have a quiz night or dinner date - the possibilities are endless. Get involved on a forum or Facebook group of a hobby you love or join QuarantineChat, a service specifically set up to help people connect during quarantine!

Plan For The Future

As much as it may feel like it, this will not last forever. So what better way to feel less alone than to plan what you will do when isolation is finally over!

Make a 'future fun' list with all the places you would like to go when the lockdown is lifted. Plan a trip for you and your friends or make a Bucket List of places you would like to go in this lifetime. It might seem silly but it will help you focus on a time that will be a little more enjoyable.